8 Ways to Use Transcripts, Captions & Subtitles to Empower your Video SEO

Did you know that, by 2019, video content will account for roughly 80-90% of internet traffic? According to a Cisco study (‘Video Highlights’ section) user-generated video usage will increase exponentially. The explanation is quite simple: the World Wide Web is teeming with interesting and useful Information, from news articles to trending topics. But storytelling is evolving. Gone are the days when the Internet was exclusively text based. The same way magazines and newspapers started making room for television and radio, so will the Internet make room for video.

8 Ways to Use Transcripts, Captions & Subtitles to Empower your Video SEO

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This doesn’t mean that written content will disappear altogether. Not even close. In order to truly empower your online efforts you must strike the perfect balance between enticing videos and written content under the form of transcripts, translations or captions. There are a number of reasons why these forms of written content are important. First of all, they make it possible for deaf people or those who are hard of hearing to enjoy videos. Secondly, studies have demonstrated that transcripts appeal to students & learners.

The third, and probably most important aspect of written content for videos, is related to SEO. Search engines such as Google cannot watch a video the way we do. They must crawl the text information provided through keywords, descriptions and tags. Although the fundamentals of traditional SEO also apply for video SEO, the strategies for the latter are inherently different.

How Video Transcripts & Captions can Boost SEO

According to Google, web-pages and content must be created with the user in mind. Videos accompanied by transcriptions or captions bring the human element back into an over-technologized world. Using transcripts on a video can help you increase the keyword diversity of your media content, thus making it possible to appear on SERPs for multiple terms. Granted, transcribing isn’t the easiest job in the world – it seems that a one-hour interview takes around 4-6 hours to transcribe but seeing as videos are becoming increasingly popular, it appears to be one of the best ways to move forward in an ever-changing digital landscape.

8 Ways to Use Transcripts, Captions & Subtitles to Empower your Video SEO forecast

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Discovery Digital Networks tested this theory out by adding captions to YouTube videos and reported a 7.32% life-time increase in views and a growth of 13.48% in only two weeks (*). In addition to this, they also started ranking for search terms that weren’t included in their tags, descriptions or titles. There are plenty of case studies that prove the effectiveness of using transcripts, captions and translations for SEO. With these things in mind, let’s take a closer look at a few Video SEO strategies that maximize the potential of transcript and caption usage.

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#1 Maximize your Keyword Strategy with Transcriptions

Let’s say that you’re trying to build a video landing page around the keyword “whirlpool refrigerators”, but your video is actually about “whirlpool refrigerator water filters”. Naturally, the long-tail version of the keyword will be repeated in the video a lot. You can adjust your meta-description, titles tag and other tags to match this key-phrase.

This will add more relevancy to your video and attract targeted traffic that is more likely to convert or take action. The general rules would be to keep titles shorter than 66 characters (point at which they get truncated), meta-descriptions under 166 characters, and tags under 120 characters.

long tail keywords demand curve

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Needless to say, keyword phrases that are not aligned with the content on your page might result in confusion and dissatisfaction on the visitor’s behalf. The strategy of building from the bottom up by focusing on long-tail keywords that are relevant for a specific industry or topic (like refrigerator) will send positive signals to Google. In addition to this, Internet users rarely search for something that they are genuinely interested with short tail keywords.

They will generally use at least 3 to 4 words for their searches. Having a page that answers their specific problem represents a huge plus. Transcriptions and videos can be created to naturally include long tail keywords.

#2 Use Captions & Transcripts to Increase User Engagement

Engagement level is one of the most important metrics for determining the quality of content. This is even more true when we are talking about videos. You have probably heard about Google’s “Time Watched” algorithm that rewards videos which have longer watch time.   

“Over the past few months we have made some changes to YouTube to encourage people to spend more time watching, interacting, and sharing with the community. To support this, we’ve updated what we call video discovery features, meaning how our viewers find videos to watch via search and suggested videos. These changes better surface the videos that viewers actually watch, over those that they click on and then abandon.”

8 Ways to Use Transcripts, Captions & Subtitles Example of Captions - Empower your Video SEO

Example of video with captions

Furthermore, 94% of the students that responded to a 2012 study with MIT’s OpenCourseWare said that interactive video transcript is ‘useful’ because it enables them to stay focused, and learn at their own pace, in multi-sensory mode. A high percentage of popular videos are designed for educational purposes, be they simple software guides, or full courses, and knowing that transcripts increase completion rate of videos by 40 to 80 percent is encouraging. You should take the time to write compete & correct transcripts for every video you release to increase watch time and visibility on SERPs. Captions can also be incorporated into videos to provide extra information or to direct visitors to some of your other relevant videos.

#3 Create Personalized Captions

Are you familiar with YouTube’s auto-caption function? If you’ve been using it until now you should know that it is usually riddled with errors. That’s because the platform’s speech recognition tool is influenced by background noise, vocabulary and accents. From a SEO point of view they are useless because they are not indexed in either Google or YouTube. If you want to make your captions matter you must upload them yourself. The search engine sees them as trustworthy and relevant, and as such, it will index them.

#4 Paste your Transcript in the Description Field

Most video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo have a Description box where you can write a few words about your video. This is the place where you want to place your transcript. Make sure you add a short summary of the video before pasting your transcript. Make the summary short and concise to let viewers know what they should expect to see.

YouTube Transcripts - 8 Ways to Use Transcripts, Captions & Subtitles to Empower your Video SEO

Example of Transcript added with YouTube’s transcript feature (full instructions here)

Also keep in mind that most descriptions are limited to 5,000 characters (around 800 words), so pasting transcripts is only possible for shorter videos. If you’re working with longer videos you should fragment your transcription into important phrases that also contain your long-tail keywords, or embed the video in a blog-post that includes the full transcript.

#5 Use Captions for Deep-Linking

There’s a fundamental difference between video captions and transcripts. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Transcriptions represent the text-version of a video added under the video or in a separate blog post. Captions appeared as a solution for deaf or hard of hearing users, but it requires them to watch two streams of video at the same time: the rolling captions as well as the video.

YouTube Caption Features

Image Source: SPH

Video captions are extremely beneficial for user-engagement because they enable YouTube to index a word exactly when it is said. In other words, viewers can use it to jump directly to certain moment in the video. This deep linking will increase the watch time of your videos and ultimately bring more relevant traffic to your website.

#6 Consider Adding Multilingual Subtitles

According to recent studies, less than 20% of YouTube viewers are from the United States. By creating multilingual subtitles you can attract non-English speakers. Another plus would be the fact that translated content isn’t considered duplicate by search engines. Go to your Google or YouTube analytics tab to find out more about your site’s demographics.

If you have followers from different corners of the world you should consider creating multilingual subtitles to improve their experience. You can have your captions translated and uploaded to YouTube from the transcripts and captions menu. This will make it easier for you to rank on non-English search pages as well.

#7 Experiment with Different Transcript Publishing Methods

As we mentioned earlier, transcripts can be included in the video’s description or in a separate blog post. But these aren’t the only practices that you can try. For example, transcripts can also be implemented through a video schema mark-up, or enhanced with interactive properties. Interactive transcripts represent one of the newest forms of media consumption, and are usually displayed next to the video or audio source.

Interactive Captions - 8 Ways to Use Transcripts, Captions & Subtitles to Empower your Video SEO

Image Source: IDYeah

There are two major categories of interactive transcripts: those that highlight specific words as they are spoken, and “Ted Talks” which highlight an entire paragraph. Both are designed to increase retention of material. Some of the best providers for interactive transcripts include Pop Up Archive, 3Play Media and ProTranscript.

You could also try to use a captions plugin or to add your captions in HTML5. If you have longer videos you should always post the transcript on a separate page and make sure to include it in your video sitemap, otherwise the search engine will think that it is a text page rather than a video one.

#8 Create Derivate Content with your Captions & Transcripts

Our last piece of advice refers to derivate content obtained from transcripts. This tip is extremely effective for longer videos. Because the transcript is very long, and should be published separately, why not make the best of it? You can repurpose this type of content into how-to articles, guides, blog posts, eBooks, Infographics or even white papers. Add the embedded code for your YouTube at the start of your written content. Your transcripts and videos should represent the basis of your content strategy. Don’t forget to update your video sitemap every time you make a new addition.

WhiteBoardFriday - Moz 8 Ways to Use Transcripts, Captions & Subtitles to Empower your Video SEO

Example of Moz Whiteboard Friday video with transcript


*1 Discovery Digital Networks Case-Study: here

*2 How Closed Captions Increase Video Views, Rankings & ROI: here

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Atco, New Jersey company On Time Website Traffic, has announced a service that is guaranteed to bring website owners more organic traffic. Organic traffic refers to visitors that come to a site via search engine results, and while this is a crucial step in generating online business, recent studies show that it’s a step most business owners are missing.

Studies have shown that visitors who land on a website due to search engine queries offer the best quality of results. These visitors come to a site based on specific search criteria that they input, looking for a particular product or service.

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SEO studies show that the top three websites listed on the first page of Google results for any chosen keyword will earn up to 50 percent more than other sites. This is because the average internet user looks only at the first one or two pages of search results for their chosen keywords. Sites not found on those first two pages are likely not to be seen by millions of users searching for their business.

“The best traffic that you can get is search engine traffic,” says Marcus Brown. He explains, “Search engine traffic is continuous, it’s targeted to a business’s specific industry, and it’s free.”

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Search, Meerkat To Bring Live Streaming TV Indexed In Near Real-Time 07/28/2015 – MediaPost

Television personalities like Al Roker are reaching from traditional broadcasting into the future of television, and will do it with help from technology like Meerkat and search engine optimization.

Al Roker Entertainment this week will launch three 5-minute to 15-minute pieces of programming that will transmit via Meerkat, the mobile app that allows users to watch live streaming video, according to one report. Creative and marketing experts say live-streaming technology and real-time search engine optimization will change the way the industry views the connection between television and search.

Search engine optimization will connect live streaming content in real-time from social tools like Meerkat and Periscope that allow viewers to interact with the broadcaster.

Aaron Goldman, CMO at 4CInsights, said Google could index Meerkat and Periscope with a Twitter “firehouse” that indexes the video streams in google.com based on keywords and hashtags.

For brands using SEO, the big opportunity comes from third-party sites using Meerkat’s embedded feature and Twitter.com. Marty Weintraub, aimClear founder, said Meerkat has ceded Google SEO for Meerkat live feeds to third-party Web site owners savvy enough to leverage its data for SEO on their own Web site. 

Meerkat.co has an embed function, which provides a Web-page player for Meerkat channel feed broadcasters to stream via typical Web pages, explains Weintraub. “Setting up the Meerkat embed player feeds on a third-party Web page in a blog or a Web site, which Google indexes, yields short-term SEO results,” he said. (Read more about it here.) “The more authoritative a Web page, the faster it may index in google.com.”

Roker isn’t the only one experimenting with Meerkat. “My girlfriend and I do something called a bedcast,” said Steve Isaacs, senior creative director of Interactive at L.A.-based bpg advertising. “Before we go to sleep, we fire up the phone to talk with each other, and suddenly we’ll find people from London, Kuwait, Russia and other places in the world tuned into our conversation,” he said. “We talk about their day, and those who tune in ask questions. We did it as a lark a few months ago, and then people started asking us to do it again.”

Now Isaacs and his girlfriend “bedcast” from separate locations several times weekly. He describes it as having a dinner party without having to clean up the dishes.

Launching the app sends an alert as a Twitter tweet or Facebook invite to followers and friends who must login to Meerkat to view and comment in the live stream, but there’s a feature called the Meerkat Map, which lets anyone see from where people stream, so you can stop by and peek into a different world.

After the stream, analytics let the user see total views, retweets, and emojis. The app produces long engagement times, between 20 minutes to 60 minutes, Isaacs said. People are engaged with the conversation, and can comment in the stream or post out to other social sites like Twitter and Facebook. 

Is Your Website Doing Its Job?: The Only Three Things You Need to Know. – Monday, 27th July …

You’re too busy to take a crash course in website design, but you need to know if your property’s site is worth the investment. Enter BookingSuite. We’ve combed through tons of best practices, guides and case studies to give you a website assessment tool for the hospitality industry. You can forget all the technical jargon. We’ll explain what matters most for your business in terms you can understand.

Before we get started, we should clear something up. We’re not really talking about assessing your property’s website. We’re talking about assessing your brand.


Your website isn’t just a part of your brand. It is your brand.

Fortunately, a great property-level website isn’t all that complicated. Here are the only three things you need to understand: visits, looks and books.


Your site needs traffic, but not just any traffic. Attract the right visitors with the right content. This is how you differentiate yourself in a sea of online travel agencies and competitor sites. It starts with high-quality photos that show off your property. It continues with clear, detailed information about rooms, amenities and location.

Think of it like matchmaking. If a visitor finds your site because they typed in “luxury African travel,” and they see right away that you offer exclusive safari packages, they’ll be satisfied that your site matches up with their needs. Plus, your search engine results will improve. Our partner And Beyond came up as the third result on Google, in fact, when we searched for those very African travel terms. Their site has a wealth of custom content about their destinations and offerings. Smaller properties can do just as well with great content. Buttermilk Falls Inn has a site that details their unique features, including an organic restaurant. When we searched for “Hudson Valley inns restaurant,” theirs was the first result.

All you have to know is what you do best. For more content creation ideas, click here to see our complete checklist.


Once you’ve attracted the right visitors, you want them to book. First, though, they have to know just what they’ll be getting. This is where a gorgeous, ultra-useable design comes in. Fortunately, you don’t really have to worry about creating that design. Pay someone with expertise so that you focus on what you know best: your property.

Make sure guests find essential information. They should be able to learn about all of your room types, packages, and options. Keep that information together in one place so that it’s easy to navigate. Update it to reflect changing rates and amenities. Don’t leave your potential guests in the dark.


A healthy website inspires trust via great content, attractive design, and strong functionality. We’ve talked about the first two. Now let’s take a look at that last one.

You want everything to work efficiently for you and your visitors. You need a site that is flexible across devices, so that it can engage consumers wherever they are. These days, that’s often a smartphone or a tablet, so mobile readiness is a no-brainer. You also want a website that connects easily to a secure booking engine and other tools that help you manage channels and inventory. When these pieces are in place, visitors are more likely to click on that booking button.

Test It Yourself

You don’t have to take our word for it! These free online tools will tell you more about how your site stacks up.

  1. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is as simple as it gets. Just type in your URL to find out whether your site performs well on mobile. According to a 2014 study from TripBarometer, only 45% of hotels actually offer mobile bookings. Don’t fall behind and miss out on this growing segment.
  2. BrowserShots is a simple, powerful tool that checks to see how your website looks across dozens of different browsers. Who knew there were so many? Type in your website’s URL, and then give it a few minutes to do its thing. You’ll find out whether your site looks good to a variety of users.
  3. HubSpot’s Marketing Grader checks your website for its online marketing strength. Brought to you by a leader in digital marketing, it checks for social media presence, SEO and more. Simply type in your URL to find out your score.
  4. ClicksHeat is a free tool that helps you understand how people use your website. By creating a visual “heat map,” it shows you where your website visitors are most likely to click.

Building Your Brand

Your website is how guests see you. It is your brand.

That’s why you need it to work well. You shouldn’t have to worry about the way your website is designed or exactly how it functions, though. The right platform will do it all for you.

Just put your energy into the content. We can’t say it enough. If you offer the right content for your audience, you will drive more bookings on your website. It takes time for search engines to recognize you, and to increase overall brand awareness, but trust us. If you build it, they will come.

Ready for more? Check out our exclusive checklist, customized just for the hospitality industry, for a step-by-step evaluation of your site.

About Irene Keliher

Irene Keliher helps create compelling new content for the blog, eBooks, website and more. When she’s not using her wordsmith skills at BookingSuite, she teaches and writes fiction and nonfiction.

Eye To Ad Media, A Top Marketing Company, Introduces SEO Services to The San Francisco Bay …

A top marketing company announces they will now be offering search engine optimization (SEO) services in the San Francisco metro area. The company only performs white hat techniques and also offers affordable pay per click management.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 23, 2015

A creative ad agency, Eye To Ad Media introduces SEO services to the San Francisco Bay area. The company will be offering northern California a wide variety of services that are catered towards helping small and medium sized businesses grow their presence online and off. Search engine optimization can be an incredibly powerful tool that can help companies attract their ideal customers.

San Francisco business owners that are looking for a marketing firm that’s aggressive and efficient will want to contact one of their media consultants for a no cost or obligation initial consultation. Eye To Ad Media will perform an initial evaluation which can help prioritize company objectives and needs. The consultants will meet with owners and managers to cover strategy and options for aggressive new client acquisition campaigns.

Search engine marketing, website landing pages and direct mail can work perfectly in conjunction with one another. Advertising is all about conversions. With thousands of advertising companies, and millions of options, it can be complicated to find the best channels to promote a business. The best ways to advertise may vary dependent on the target audience and demographic of the prospective client. What works for one industry, may not work for another.

Overall the fundamentals are the same. It’s essential to match a consumer’s need with a product or service to fulfill it. Ultimately the goal is to drive the prospect to an action such as filling out a web data form, calling a business phone number or sending an email. Hopefully the net result is a sale. There’s numerous ways to get people to engage with advertising, but the best leads come in when the consumer has in intrinsic desire or need for what is being sold.

This progressive marketing agency can create ads with enticing offers and strong calls to action. Leads can be tracked though analytics and sophisticated customer relationship management software. Knowing what ad mediums are working versus the ones that are under-performing can be invaluable.

For a limited introductory offer, metro area San Francisco clients can qualify for a 10% savings on all new revolving internet promotion packages. The ad agency is also a reseller for PPC and is currently accepting new clients that can receive a campaign build at no cost. Those interested in learning about unique ways to market a company should visit http://www.EyeToAd.com for more detailed information.

It’s very interesting to understand how it all works. Their experts perform detailed keyword research. This can help the marketers gain essential insight into market trends, buying habits, competition levels and consumer demand levels. Finding the best keywords to target is incredibly important. Most industries have hundreds of related keywords that can lead a company to a new customer.

One of the many advantages of online marketing, is the ever expanding use of technology and algorithms. This can be beneficial to the business and the end user. In essence, making it easier for the consumer to find what they need or want, and getting the business in front of the person who’s seeking the product or service. Search volume and competitiveness are a couple key metrics the company analyzes when performing search research.

Contact Information:

Zachary Wennstedt



For the original version on PRWeb visit: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/07/prweb12865645.htm

Famed Wrestler Ric Flair Will Help Staff HOTH Booth at Pubcon Las Vegas 2015

Alongside co-owner Marc Hardgrove, himself a former pro wrestler, Flair will liven up Pubcon and help visitors learn about top white-label SEO company’s offerings, The HOTH reports

This press release was orginally distributed by SBWire

Reno, NV — (SBWIRE) — 07/22/2015 — The HOTH, one of the world’s leaders in white-label search engine optimization, announced that the company will host WWE Hall of Fame professional wrestler Ric Flair at the upcoming Pubcon Las Vegas 2015 conference. On October 7 and 8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Flair will help man the HOTH booth, greeting visitors, taking photos and answering questions about his famed wrestling career. With white-label SEO services that help digital marketing agencies all around the world better serve their clients, The HOTH is one of the industry’s most successful and frequently relied-upon companies of its kind.

“Ric Flair was my childhood hero and the reason I became a professional wrestler myself in my early 20s,” The HOTH co-owner Marc Hardgrove said, “To work with him on a professional level brings things full circle, a dream come true 20 years after my debut match.”

Widely considered one of the all-time greats, Ric Flair has been a professional wrestler for more than 40 years. His career spans everything from stints in Japan under the now-defunct International Wrestling Enterprise to an enduring, still-active relationship with the WWE, the top wrestling organization today and for many years. An 18-time world champion in his weight class, Flair been a consistent fan favorite for decades, exciting audiences with his flexible outlook on the rules of wrestling and his trademark shout of “Wooooooo!”

A former professional wrestler himself, The HOTH co-owner Marc Hardgrove will stand beside Flair at the company’s booth at Pubcon Las Vegas 2015. The world’s top online marketing convention, Pubcon will run from October 5 through 8 this year, with the exhibition hall where Flair, Hardgrove, and other HOTH employees will speak to visitors scheduled to be open October 7 and 8.

Serving thousands of digital marketing agencies and search engine optimization consultants from a full menu of industry-leading SEO and marketing services, The HOTH is one of the world’s top white-label sources for proven, effective products and services. The company’s reliable, affordable services boost the capabilities and capacity of their clients, allowing them to take on more work while building up their own reputations. The HOTH booth at the upcoming Pubcon Vegas 2015 will be a major attraction of the event, and Ric Flair’s presence will make it even more of one.

“This Rolex-wearing, diamond-ring-spangled, kiss-stealing, wheeling, dealing, limousine-riding, jet-flying son of a gun is going to turn Pubcon in Las Vegas upside down,” says Ric Flair, “WOOOOOOO!”

About The HOTH

Providing top-quality search engine optimization, content marketing, local marketing, and much more, The HOTH is one of the world’s leading white-label digital marketing companies.

For more information on this press release visit: http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/famed-wrestler-ric-flair-will-help-staff-hoth-booth-at-pubcon-las-vegas-2015-612124.htm

Enliven Group's Sean Burrows Releases Video Discussing #Mobilegeddon

(Newswire.net — April 16, 2015) Lehi, UT –#Mobilegeddon, or Google’s policy to exclude websites from mobile searches if they are not mobile friendly, is probably something most companies and organizations with a website heard about back in April of this year. Sean Burrows, Internet Marketing guru and co-founder of the interactive media consulting firm Enliven Group, released a video about this change to Google that informed viewers it was nothing to worry about if the company already cared about its consumers user experience. He also mentioned that if this was worrisome to a company or brand, Google’s new changes was not the issue. Sales, leads, conversions, whatever a brand or company cares about and actively seeks out through their website has already been negatively affected by not having a mobile friendly site.

Burrows explained further, saying “Google is drawing a line in the sand, saying, ‘It’s time. . . to cater better to your customers.’ And if you aren’t, all Google is doing is excluding your website from consumers who you weren’t catering to in the first place. Internet marketing is about execution. SEO, social media, website development, being mobile-friendly, having an app, it’s all about having he right blend. You have to ask yourself, ‘What am I trying to accomplish?’ If you haven’t been catering to the mobile section of your audience visiting your website, you won’t even know what you’re going to be missing.”

In his video, Burrows explains that companies can utilize Google analytics to see just how many people are visiting their website, how they are getting there, who is showing up on mobile devices, what pages consumers are landing on, whether or not mobile traffic is converting and how that traffic compares to desktop traffic. He also explains how other SEO, marketing and website design agencies are taking advantage of this news from Google.

“A large majority of these agencies were emailing their client lists and saying ‘look, if you don’t get your website up-to-date before April 21, you are going to be severely hurt.’ The problem is, they should have been on this for their clients long before Google’s announcement. If you have a SEO agency, web developer, or whoever, that didn’t start taking care of your websites mobile compatibility until that announcement, get rid of them. This was just a Google housecleaning item. Mobile traffic has been relevant for a long, long time. At least half, if not more, of online traffic, especially when it comes to search engine usage, is coming from mobile devices like phones and tablets. For years I’ve been telling my clients to become mobile compatible, not since early April.”

For more information on the importance of hosting mobile-friendly, responsive websites, check out Sean Burrows on YouTube.

About Enliven Group

Enliven Group is a full-service Internet Marketing and Interactive Media consulting firm. We offer services in website development, search engine marketing and advertising, and social media optimization, and public relations. Our team thoroughly analyzes every element of our clients online existence in order to transform the entire online presence of any entity from the inside out. We equip and support our clients with powerful tools, a bold action plan, and an exponentially increased understanding necessary to dominate their niche. Enliven Group has clients from full service “do everything because we don’t want to have to worry about it” clients, to “just build us a website and help us come up with a game plan to do it ourselves” clients, and everything in between. Our only job, is the success of our client’s online presence.

5 Best Keyword Research Tools That Are Free

What are the best keyword research tools that are available for free? In this article, you’ll find top 5 free keyword suggestion tools.

With their simple yet intuitive interface, you can perform keyword research and generate thousands of keywords within minutes, meaning you’ll get your research done faster, and put the result to work for you, sooner.

Keyword Research is Not Guesswork Anymore!

If you are looking to improve the search engine rankings, or website visibility, simply guessing what your target audience might be searching on the Internet will not help you get very far.

Effective SEO campaigns are based on real data, facts, and customer’s behavior.

Best free keyword research tools digs deeper to find what your customers are really searching for on the web, so that you’ll start to “speak” their language.

The following best keyword research tools are not only free, but they’ll also allow you to pick up the best keywords from over 500 million keywords that are indexed in their database.

With these following best keyword research tools, you’re going to skyrocket the success of your SEO campaigns.

Top 5 Best Keyword Research Tools Every Marketer Should Use – FREE

  1. Google Keyword Planner

The new Google keyword planner tool combines the power of a keyword tool as well as the traffic estimator to make it easy to devise effective marketing campaigns.

That is why there is no Keyword Tool available.

With the Keyword Planner tool, you can not only research for profitable keyword list and group them with similarity, but also get estimates of their performance and find the best bid and budget plan that are right for you.

  1. Ubersuggest

If you’re struggling to find long-tail keywords in your niche, I would highly recommend you guys use Ubersuggest tool. It’s the free keyword suggestion tool that gather keyword ideas from Google Suggest and plenty other suggestion tool.

Simply type a keyword in the search box, select the language and a source, and Ubersuggest keyword suggestion tool will gather keyword ideas from web and other search verticals like news, shopping, and video sites.

Ubersuggest takes your root keywords, adds a digit or a letter in front of it, and gathers suggestions for you. Further, you can click on each suggestion to find more keyword ideas for your blog topics, web page, and SEO campaigns. With Ubersuggest, you’ll get plenty of fresh keyword ideas instantly from real user queries.

  1. WordTracker Keywords Tool

The WordTracker Keywords Tool help you find keyword ideas that are gathered from real user queries, so that you’ll save time as well as boost your website search engine rankings by targeting only profitable keywords in your niche.

If you do not know how to find a profitable market/niche and attract highly “targeted” traffic to your site, the WordTracker Tool will help find the “right” set of keywords so that you can attract people who are genuinely interested in your services.

WordTracker Keywords Tool is a paid service, but you’ll get an opportunity to try it for FREE, for 7 days, and you’ll find at least 200-300 relevant words and search terms that people have recently typed in search engines.

  1. WordStream’s Keyword Tool (free)

If you are running a SEO or PPC campaigns for your site, WordStream will help you deliver fresh set of keyword ideas for your site.

WordStream keyword tool generates specific set of keyword list that target certain niche, groups them into common categories/theme for easy ad launches, and gives you further suggestions so that you never run out of topics for your site/blog.

  1. YouTube Keyword Tool (free)

If you are enthusiastic about video marketing, then YouTube has to be your second best friend in the search engine world, which potentially has the capability to drive hundreds, if not thousands of visitors from your videos alone.

Smart marketing people know how valuable YouTube is, and they’re already using its features to marketing their content to reach out their “targeted” audience. So, don’t you think, it would be best to utilize these features of YouTube to optimize your video, headlines, and descriptions to grab the attention of your site’s visitors and get the highest possible rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

To use YouTube keyword suggestion tool, go to http://www.youtube.com/keyword_tool and use it just like you’d use any other keyword suggestion tools that I have listed out above.

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Well, there you have it – best keyword research tool you can use for free.

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How to Get Quality Backlinks for a Local Business – Business 2 Community

I think you’ll agree:

Building links is tough.

You’re trying to get your business rank as fast as possible to have customers lining up at your door. But you’re constantly getting stuck trying to find new backlink opportunities.

But would you believe that there are a number of sources that almost guarantee to get you quality links, fast? In this post I’m going to show you what they are.

What makes a good local backlink?

When you think of it, it’s only logical that both local and traditional, global SEO backlinks should be the same.

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There is however a small difference between them.

In traditional, global SEO, the most important factor of a backlink’s quality is the authority of a linking domain. In other words, the more authoritative backlink source, the better the link.

In local SEO however, industry and local relevance often take priority.

Even a lower authority website but relevant to your industry or location might be a good backlink opportunity.

And so, when building local links, you shouldn’t disregard low authority sites if they’re relevant to what your business does or where it’s located.

Now, with that off the way, we can look at the best local backlink opportunities.

1. Local Directories

The simplest way to describe what local online business directories are is to call them an online version of a traditional yellow pages phone book. Many of these directories work on the same principle as traditional yellow pages (and are thus called IYPs – Internet Yellow Pages).


Others, like Yelp.com have developed loyal and engaged audiences, people who review businesses and share their experiences with them.


In spite of those differences though, all local directories have one thing in common: they allow listing a business along with crucial information (i.e. name, address, phone number) and a link back to the site.

To find the best directories to list your business:

Start with this list of 50 local business directories from Hubspot.

To find local or industry specific directories however, try these 2 methods:

Manual search

Start with one of these search queries below to find relevant directories.

For Location relevant directories:

  • [State/County] Directory, i.e. “Washington directory”,
  • [City] Directory, i.e. “Seattle Directory”,
  • [Zipcode] Directory, i.e. “98101 Directory”.

For industry relevant directories:

  • [Keyword / Industry] Directory, i.e. “Dentist Directory”,
  • [State/County] [Keyword] Directory, i.e. “Seattle Flowers Directory”.

Automated Software

Alternatively, use dedicated software like Local Citations Finder by Whitespark that will query search engines and deliver a list of relevant backlink opportunities.


Things to remember when listing a business in local directories

Consistency of your contact information is one of the key local search ranking factors.

In order for any listing you create to aid your local SEO efforts, your business’ contact information (specifically Name, Address and Phone Number, commonly referred to as NAP) must be consistent.

Search engines use this information to validate a business and verify the accuracy of details about it they have in their database. And thus any inconsistencies might confuse them and reduce their perception of a business’ authority.

When listing a business, go beyond just link building.

You shouldn’t list a business in an online directory purely for links. Local business directories are often the first place where a customer comes across a business and thus, they could help you make the right first impression.

Therefore, enhance your listing beyond just the basic information. Add proper images to show a visitor how your business looks like; provide a thorough company’s description and list your products or services.

2. Local Newspapers

Publications from your city or state are another great source of backlinks.

First, they are hugely concerned with anything that’s going on in your area.

This means that if you run an event or have other newsworthy topic (i.e. won a new contract, made a new hire, renovated your premises or sponsor an organization), they are going to publish it.

And because these days most newspapers also publish an online edition, sharing your news with them is an opportunity to gain quality editorial backlinks.

3. Local Business Associations

There are many benefits of joining local business associations, from networking opportunities, recognition to receiving a business support.

And build links.

Many associations’ websites feature business listings that could include your company’s details and a link back to your site.

4. Local Blogs

Similarly to local newspapers, bloggers interested in what’s going on in your city, area or neighborhood could mention and link to your business.

First of all, many local blogs regularly feature and showcase local businesses. Therefore, reach out to them to find out how you could get listed too.

Another way is to ask them to review your product. Contact local bloggers to find out if they’d be willing to try your product for some time and then share their experience on the site.

5. Testimonials from Clients, Vendors or Partners

If you’re working with other companies, be it as partner or vendor, you could use that relationship to gain backlinks as well and here’s how.

You could ask them to provide testimonials for your business on their sites.

Many companies have a dedicated suppliers page listing different companies they buy stock from.

Take this site for example. The company not only lists all their suppliers but also, has a dedicated page for every one of them.


Similarly, you could also offer your vendors to write a testimonial of their services / products they could feature on their sites in exchange for a link back to yours.

6. Sponsorships

What is that one-thing local events committees, clubs, societies, schools and many other local organizations need?


They need sponsors to help them fund whatever they are trying to make happen.

And that’s an opportunity to gain some valuable links and mentions for your business while doing something good for the community too.

Any organization you sponsor will be happy to put information about it on their site, mention your business and link back to it.

This is an invaluable opportunity to gain not only backlinks but very positive exposure in your local area.

7. Bonus tip: Research Your Competitor’s Backlinks

Finally there’s one other way to quickly find new backlink opportunities – by analyzing your competitors’ link profiles.

Conducting a competitive analysis could help you:

Spot links you could quickly recreate for your domain. By checking your competitors’ link profiles you could identify new and quality link building opportunities.

Reveal link opportunities you’ve missed. What if there was an organization in your region that lists local businesses but you’ve never heard of it before? Or emerging publication willing to write up about local companies? An event or organization you could sponsor? Checking your competitors’ links profile could help you identify those and many other opportunities you may have missed.

Highlight their backlink strategies. Going deeper into their link profile could reveal what strategies your competitors use to rank their domains. This is invaluable insight that could help you make better decisions about your strategies and find a competitive edge.

There are a number of tools that could help you analyze your competitors’ backlinks. Some of the most popular on the market include:

SEMrush Backlinks Report

This is a powerful website backlink checker that’s also a part of a thorough set of online marketing intelligence tools. SEMrush allows you not only to analyze a competitor’s backlinks but also to research and monitor every aspect of their digital marketing strategies.


Ahrefs operate a large index of backlinks and allow analyzing relevant data for any website.

Majestic SEO

Similarly to Ahrefs, Majestic operates a proprietary index of backlinks and allows to research links pointing to any domain.

Open Site Explorer

Operated by Moz, OSE is another tool allowing to research backlinks pointing to a domain along with various authority signals.

Bottom line

The strong link profile is an integral part of a local business visibility in search engines. The above-mentioned link opportunities will help you to attain your digital marketing success. So develop a detailed plan of your link building strategy, follow it step by step and track the results.