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Bruce Clay SEO Training: Each year presents a new wave of changes in search algorithm and search results methodologies that impact rankings. SEO expert Bruce Clay will break down these changes and unveil tactics that improve search rankings.

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State of Payments 2015: E-commerce's Influence In MENA Grows

E-commerce payment services company, PayFort released this year’s State of Payments report, highlighting all that you need to know about the region’s electronic commerce sales and trends. The report focused on the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Kuwait, giving a balanced analysis on six popular but very different markets. The 2015 State of Payments report focused its regional analysis on five markets, including e-commerce, airlines, and tourism. It also looked at consumer trends, including payment methods and social media popularity. Whether you’re trying to maximize online sales or whether you want to make sure your e-commerce (or m-commerce) payment solution will be a regional hit or not, these are some of the major takeaways from the report that shouldn’t be ignored.

SEO is vital for online sales 

Unless you’re in the entertainment and events industry, SEO still plays a pivotal role in increasing online sales and improving brand visibility. In the region’s airline market, SEO is given top priority, alongside social media, email marketing, and offline marketing channels, making it more important than content marketing. It’s a similar case with the e-commerce industry, where SEO and social media are the two top marketing channels. In the growing industry of marketplace services, SEO is the most important marketing channel at 26%.  While offline channels, referrals, and social media are considered important (each at 13%), they aren’t considered anywhere near as resourceful. In the travels and tourism market, SEO is second to user reviews, but only by 2%, and understandably so. However, SEO isn’t considered an online sales booster at all in the entertainment and events industry. The report shows that this industry heavily priorities paid searches at 44%.

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E-Commerce’s market size gets bigger and bigger

Of all the different markets in the region covered, the one that is expected to grow the most is the e-commerce market. While its current market size is already rather large, given the obstacles to change consumer trends when it comes to online payment, its market size is expected to grow by US$6.4 by 2020. This means that the e-commerce industry in the MENA will be valued at about $13.4 billion, almost twice as large as it was in 2014 when it was at $7 billion. Of the countries studied, the UAE’s industry has the largest market share in the region at $2.3 billion, and is expected to grow to $4.4 billion by 2020. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are both rather large as well, currently at around $1.5 and $1.4 billion respectively, and are each expected to grow up to $2.9 and $2.7 billion by 2020.

The other studied markets are certainly growing as well, just not as substantially. The region’s airlines market size is projected to grow from US$11 billion in 2014 to $16.2 billion. While it comes to no surprise to see the UAE and Saudi Arabia’s already large market shares grow, it appears that Egypt is also heavily investing in its airlines industry, with a projected growth from US$1.9 billion in 2014 to $2.8 billion in 2020. While Lebanon and Kuwait are both expected to grow by $0.2 billion by 2020, Jordan isn’t expected to experience any substantial growth.

Largest buyer age-group: 26-35

Perhaps this isn’t much of a shocker, but it’s still worth mentioning. 26-35 year-olds are the largest online buyers in the region in all countries, and by a huge amount. Apart from Lebanon, where 26-35 year-olds make up 34% of online buyers, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, and Jordan’s 26-35 year-olds make up at least 42% percent of online buyers. In Egypt, they make up 50% of all online buyers.

While it makes sense to see those between the ages of 36-40 and 41-50 years settle somewhere between 15-20%, it is probably most startling to see 18-25 year-olds not exceed the 18% mark. Apart from Saudi Arabia, where 18-25 year-olds make up 25% of online buyers, other countries have much smaller amounts, most surprisingly the UAE at only 10%. While it is surprising to the see the UAE, the country in the region with the largest e-commerce market have a smaller percentage of young adults buying online than the other surveyed countries except for Kuwait, it is expected to see these numbers grow across the region as the online payment solutions develop further and consumer trends evolve. 

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Facebook and Twitter still rule social media– for now

Of the six countries surveyed, Facebook and Twitter are still the two most important social media platforms. However, it looks like things could change a bit in the coming years, so entrepreneurs should take note of this if they want to maximize their online sales. Facebook is a must; apart from Saudi Arabia where its popularity is at 67%, its popularity in the other five countries exceeds 80%, and goes past 90% in Lebanon and Egypt. Twitter is still quite popular in the region, but falls far behind Facebook, and has several social media platforms almost equally as popular. LinkedIn, for example, is huge in Lebanon and is more popular than Twitter and Instagram by 6%. It also exceeds Twitter in the UAE, and only falls behind by a few percentage points in other markets, except for Saudi Arabia where it doesn’t seem to be a huge hit. Presence on Google+ is important too, given that its popularity across those six country ranges between 30-38%. One thing is for sure though, Instagram keeps on getting more and more popular. While the results only show its rising popularity in certain markets, it’s just a matter of time before it makes its way out of a deadlock with LinkedIn, Google+, and even Twitter in some of the other ones.

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COD still the most popular payment method

Perhaps it’s almost sinister to save this fact to the end, with all the relatively positive news about online purchases and the e-commerce industry happening in the region. It’s important to remember that the dreaded Cash on Delivery (COD) method still dominates payment methods for online purchases.

PayPal? Forget about it. Only 1-6% of consumers use it as a payment method. Oddly enough, Lebanon’s at about 2% even though PayPal isn’t compatible with Lebanon yet, if ever. Paying directly with a credit card isn’t that popular either. It’s currently the most popular in the UAE at just 39%. Lebanon and Kuwait are right behind it at 38% and 36% respectively. CashU is also mentioned, which is a popular prepaid online and mobile payment method; but its popularity doesn’t exceed 4%. There are also “other” payment methods, but those percentages are small, bar Kuwait’s, which is at 20%.

The elephant in the room is still COD, and it makes the other payment methods look like rodents. It’s the least popular in Kuwait with only 41% popularity, but is the most popular among over half of UAE online buyers at 51%. Saudi Arabia’s COD popularity is at 59%. COD has found a cozy home in Egypt, with its popularity at 72%. That said, that is not a surprise, given that credit card ownership is very low there. It looks like the most successful e-commerce payment solution will be the ones that target consumers who don’t own a credit card. Time to be creative.

topseos.com Reveals June 2015 Ratings of Ten Best Enterprise SEO Firms

NAPLES, FL, Jun 28, 2015 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — The ten top enterprise SEO agencies have been named by topseos.com for the month of June 2015. Each month of a team of researchers spend time testing and reporting the top enterprise SEO agencies around the world to assist businesses in selecting the best service to assist them. The main ambition of topseos.com is to assist buyers in searching for remarkable agencies based on established standards created by the independent research team. The resulting standards are used to uncover which solutions produce the best experience for clients in online marketing.

The process for researching and naming enterprise SEO agencies involves a month-long process of benchmarking the best performing agencies based on the use of a set of examination criteria and learning more about their solutions and their connections with their customers through references. Often times the topseos.com independent examination team talks directly with customers in order to inquire about the solutions and performance from the standpoint of the customer. Other times customers visit topseos.com in order to offer their experiences about the agencies which they use.

The 10 top enterprise search engine optimization firms for June 2015 are:

1) Netmark

2) WebiMax

3) 180Fusion

4) Web Talent Marketing

5) Bruce Clay

6) Reprise Media

7) Geary LSF Group

8) Blue Corona

9) iCrossing

10) iProspect

ABOUT topseos.com

topseos.com is an established independent research firm focusing on the investigation and rankings of search marketing firms all around the world. The rankings are produced by the independent research team each month to showcase the best enterprise seo firms based on their performance and their rating achieved through the proprietary investigation process.

Those interested in applying for the rankings can visit:


<strong>Contact Information
</strong> Marc Stephens
 9045 Strada Stell Ct.
 Naples, FL 34109

SOURCE: topseos.com

(C) 2015 Marketwire L.P. All rights reserved.

Best SEO Hamilton Expands Services To Both Local And International Businesses

Best SEO Hamilton, one of Canada’s fastest growing SEO companies in the Hamilton area is expanding its technology to keep up with its growing base of clients not just for those seeking local business services but internationally.

“We have been lucky enough to work with so many companies over the years both in Hamilton and in different parts of the world”, explains a spokeswoman for the company. “And while there are a lot of differences, the main similarity with all of them is that they want to have more clients for their business. These days, knowing and understanding SEO techniques is not enough; the way to really serve our clients and get the best results is to use the latest industry technologies and tools that best serve our purposes.”

Best SEO Hamilton uses the most updated SEO and digital marketing software applications to help them manage and solve technical issues that arise in different occasions. They combine this with the experience, knowledge, and expertise of SEO specialists who create the strategy and test the outcome of their strategic actions. “The SEO specialist is the driver, while the SEO technology and tool are the steering wheels of a car”, he explains. “They’re both important and can’t do without the other. The result of successfully merging both is increased traffic, sales, and profits.”

Mark Fernandez, an e-commerce website owner understands them very well. “My sales went through the roof about 3 months after I joined up with Best SEO Hamilton. It was really exhilarating to see suddenly you’re site is getting so many visitors and getting converted into buyers. I really can’t thank you enough for all your help. I appreciate it very much.”

Aside from technology, Best SEO Hamilton also uses up-to-date algorithm analysis to keep up with the latest search engine trends in the market. Their focus is mainly on traffic conversions and not just website traffic to gauge how well a business is profiting from all the clicks and visits to their site.

The spokesperson for the company explains: “What’s the use of getting 12,000 visitors to your site when not even one bought your product? At the end of the day, it’s really all about profits. Now, if you can convert these 12,000 not just to visit the site but to also buy your products, then you’ve got the magic formula for success.”

“Our main goal is to push for the best results for our clients, and if you go to our site at http://bestseohamilton.ca, you’ll see that we have had a lot of happy clients over the years”, he says. “I think we’re just very tenacious. We won’t stop until we see that our client’s site has achieved the best ranking, traffic and conversion that they can possibly get. We don’t settle for anything less.”


Contact SEO Hamilton:

Mason C. Everhart

(289) 351-1151


Best SEO Hamilton 181 John St. North Hamilton, Ontario L8L 7Z7

How Our Need for Instant Gratification Is Changing the Future of Search Marketing

The digital age has made us impatient.

As content consumers we want to see everything—we want it now, we want it on every device, and we want it to be engaging enough to hold our attention until the next thing comes along in our newsfeed.

But don’t feel bad; it’s not your fault. The evolution of digital content production and distribution has flooded nearly every channel of our lives and changed the rules for brands and consumers alike.

The speed at which the Internet moves today can make content obsolete—sometimes nearly instantaneously. Brands are required to maintain a feverish pace to keep up with competitors in search, the demands of consumers and trending topics that span across the depths of the Twittersphere. 

Additionally, over the last few years, consumers have made a shift in preference towards more visual and stimulating content. So how can brands respond to create timely and relevant content that increases visibility and drives users to take action? The answer is, it can’t be done alone.

Digital trend drivers, like Google, understand this shift in content consumption and have developed new services to provide users with instant gratification, relevant content and engaging mediums directly in search. Features such as Universal Search and Entity Search offer immediate content solutions without the need for consumers to dig for information or even finish typing their search query.

To provide users with the instant gratification they crave, leverage these search tools to increase the exposure of your brand’s most engaging digital assets.

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How Entity Search Changed Everything

Google’s Entity Search is a major visual component of its recent Knowledge Graph effort, which helps improve a user’s search experience through quick and easy discovery.

Entity Search provides users with helpful information in panels located directly on SERPs, limiting the need for users to dig through organic and paid listings to find answers. Almost two years ago, Google rolled out this new feature to increase relevancy and build connections by what words mean based on user intent.

Today, Entity Search offers even more insights and continues to create a search experience that delivers instant gratification. Recently, it has evolved to create a more personalized and interactive experience based on a user’s connections from Gmail and social accounts. Users today may see information such as travel plans pulled from their Google account directly into search, which creates a more relevant and valuable experience when searching around related topics or activities like trying to find a hotel.

Google Knowledge Graph

Image via SkepTools

As you can see from the example above, the left side appears as the normal Google search result page, while the right contains the Knowledge Graph update.

The shift toward instant gratification may provide obstacles for brands looking to improve visibility through paid advertising and search engine optimization, but it also offers opportunities to create content that supports and expands upon information within Entity Search panels. Complement direct answer panels and personalized results with search optimized content that expands upon the user’s intent and fills a need.

The biggest opportunity for brands is to create a strong presence for branded phrases and own the panel for your brand. To ensure your brand’s Entity Search presence is as robust as possible, create a strong search presence, link social media accounts, update local information, upload photos to Google + and stay active across all digital channels. A strong Entity Search presence paired with organic and paid listings can create a powerful brand presence.

Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure your content will appear in Entity Search, especially for queries outside your brand. Getting content to appear in non-branded searches is no easy task and requires a strong search presence and a good bit of luck. The best practice is to produce great content that is well optimized for search and offers quick and simple value to users, but understand that the odds are against you.

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Content Strategies For Universal Search

Google introduced Universal Search to enrich the search experience for users by optimizing content such as images, video, news, shopping, maps/local to appear directly in search results. Google chooses what content to rank in Universal Search SERPs by analyzing the most popular types of content chosen by users in that query space.

Google Universal Search

Image via Search Engine Land

Identify opportunities to get your content ranked in Universal Search with two methods. The best opportunity is to explore historical search data to find SERPs that previously included Universal Search data but currently do not. A lack of Universal Search content being indexed signifies that content currently offered does not offer value to users. Producing content that fills the need of users, is relevant to intent of the users search, and is optimized for those keyword phrases provides a good opportunity to get listed on SERPs. 

The second method is to trigger entry of Universal Search elements into results by producing unique and quality content for targeted keyword phrases. This approach is more difficult without any historical data to rely on, so pay attention to query type triggers and content trends in search.

To increase the likelihood of your content appearing in Universal Search, craft your content to match the intent of the users search, generate engagement across various channels, and optimize your content for targeted keywords used by your target audience segments that currently lack a Universal Search presence.


The instant gratification of relevant and engaging content drives consumer demand. Increase your contents effectiveness by leveraging online tools to expand accessibility and developing a strong content marketing strategy targeted around the unique needs and online behaviors of your target audience segments. 

SerpHaus SEO Introducing Free SEO Opportunities and Free Website Audits for Customers in …

SerpHaus SEO are experts in quickly identifying opportunities for growth within websites, and will give a free analysis to all inquirers as part of their free quote on services.

This press release was orginally distributed by ReleaseWire

Boca Raton, FL — (ReleaseWire) — 06/26/2015 — SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is an unsurpassable tool used by businesses big and small. SEO is a tool that can enhance your website traffic, gain customers, and increase your visibility online.

However, SEO can be a fickle friend, as in using techniques to get a leg up that are frowned upon by Google can result in penalties that can set your site back months or even years. Some business owners, especially for small businesses, don’t understand all of the intricacies involved in SEO practices. Because of this, hiring an expert is crucial. This is where SerpHaus Boca Raton SEO can help. SerpHaus SEO is a YEXT certified partner who has significant experience with high rankings in Google search engine result pages for some of the largest companies, and a seasoned variety of others. For their customers in Boca Raton, SerpHaus SEO is now offering a free website audit for anyone who would be interested in a quote.

A website audit can efficiently determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website. By doing this, SerpHaus can get a firm understanding of what techniques are already working for your website so that they can enhance them even more, and also learn where your website might be lacking so they can make that area stronger. SerpHaus will be able to implement new ideas in order to improve your visibility and drive even more traffic to your website.

After their analysis, you would then receive a comprehensive outline of strategies that would improve your website with step by step information on how to achieve each new goal.

A spokesperson for SerpHaus SEO explained recently what makes their company exponentially more experienced as opposed to other SEO companies, and why their approach continues to yield positive results. Their unique approach surpasses that of their competitors, and by offering a free audit for their potential customers they are showing them the benefits and how much their website can grow by implementing their techniques. Unlike other companies, the SerpHaus approach focuses on long term results as opposed to quick numbers that might be a result of “black hat” techniques.

About SerpHaus SEO

SerpHaus SEO is a search engine optimization company based in Boca Raton, Florida. Their SEO strategy surpasses that of the competition by continuously achieving the coveted first page ranking for all clients. SerpHaus SEO offers long term solutions for online visibility for a variety of companies. Their talent and passion for SEO, social media and web design is unsurpassed. For more information, visit http://serphaus.com

For more information on this press release visit: http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/release-606925.htm

La Quinta SEO Company Operation Web Announces Expansion and New Google Certifications

“Most of our efforts will be focused on Google Traffic. We look forward to helping the La Quinta Business community with elite level SEO”

La Quinta, CA – SEO Company, Operation Web, has announced that it will be aggressively expanding their Search Engine Optimization Services into La Quinta. The news comes after the recent re-launch of their site and services which will emphasis Web Marketing and Design Strategies to adhere to Google’s latest “mobilegeddon” updates.

“The fact is we’ve always worked closely with La Quinta businesses. However, based on the evolution of web marketing, we’ve re-launched with a new focus. Most of our efforts will be focused on Google Traffic. We look forward to helping the La Quinta Business community with elite level SEO,” said Randy Myers, Founder and CEO.

For more information, visit: http://OperationWeb.com/la-quinta-seo 

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/zAdycTAArgM

“Though we are now located in Palm Desert, our team is focused on the entire Coachella Valley. As a newly certified Google AdWords and Analytics team, we believe that we are the most qualified SEO Specialists in the desert. We understand Google’s algorithm and we understand how to create safe campaigns to make sure your success is lasting,” said William Gee, Operation Web Partner 

Operation Web is now located at the address below:

Operation Web

34-330 Gateway Drive, Suite 110

Palm Desert, CA 92211


It should be noted that Operation Web works with established businesses and does not work with startups, get rich quick schemes or adult themed companies. Operation Web has provided search engine optimization services in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and La Quinta since 1996.

For more information, visit their website at OperationWeb.com

Media Contact

Company Name: Operation Web

Contact Person: Randy Myers

Email: contact@operateweb.com

Phone: 760-237-8707

Address:34-330 Gateway Drive, Suite 110

City: Palm Desert

State: CA

Country: United States

Website: http://operationweb.com

ThinkBIGsites.com Named Fourth Top Local SEO Company by topseos.com for June 2015

NAPLES, FL, Jun 25, 2015 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — The independent authority on internet marketing, topseos.com, has named ThinkBIGsites.com the 4th best local SEO agency for the month of June 2015. ThinkBIGsites.com was chosen based on their effective performance in an in-depth analysis of the solutions they offer. While there are thousands of services offering a variety of solutions, the rankings consist of the best showcased based on the results of the rigorous evaluation process.

These agencies are put through the topseos.com proprietary evaluation process in order to decide which agencies produce the best overall solution. Agencies are identified based on their performance in a benchmarking and analysis of their core services. This process consists of the use of a set of evaluation verticals, connecting with client references, and performing various market and industry research projects.

The ratings are revisited each month based on the assumption that the search marketing industry changes over time. Agencies are evaluated based on the newest trends and developments most important to buyers. Often times the research team at topseos.com spends time communicating with customers of competing agencies for a more thorough look.

ThinkBIGsites.com has been named the fourth best local SEO firm based on a thorough evaluation of their supplied solutions. The independent research team has named them due to their continued performance and their history of successful online marketing solutions. Those looking for a dependable local SEO solution to meet their specified needs should consider ThinkBIGsites.com.

About ThinkBIGsites.com

ThinkBIGsites.com provides businesses with competitive and effective online marketing solutions led by Marc Arner and PJ Cammarata. TBS remains on the cutting edge of online marketing by obtaining a view of the bigger picture in order to create attractive, functionality, and streamlined websites with a solid online presence.

About topseos.com

topseos.com is an organizer of search engine marketing ratings. The primary objective of topseos.com is to uncover and proclaim those individuals or companies supplying top search engine marketing solutions available. Local SEO companies are put through a in-depth analysis to ensure the recommendations contain the absolute best companies the search engine marketing industry has to offer.

Those interested in applying for the rankings can visit:


<strong>Contact Information
</strong> Marc Stephens
 9045 Strada Stell Ct.
 Naples, FL 34109

SOURCE: topseos.com

(C) 2015 Marketwire L.P. All rights reserved.

Rihanna Files Trademark for '$chool Kills' Fashion Label, But Where Did She Get the Name?

She may be the face of Dior, but Rihanna has also been known to wear clothes from younger, more streetwear-oriented designers, like Korean-born Hyein Seo, a recent graduate of the prestigious Antwerp Royal Academy, whose wares are already sold in stores including Vfiles in New York, Boon the Shop in Seoul and KM20 in Moscow. Rihanna has worn Hyein Seo to Paris Fashion Week, the MTV Movie Awards and on her tour with Eminem. Most recently, on May 3, she wore the above T-shirt from the designer’s graduate collection, titled “Bad Education.” 

Eight days after she wore that shirt, Rihanna’s company Roraj Trade, LLC filed the trademark “$CHOOL KILLS” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for various clothing and accessories categories, from satchels to t-shirts to socks. An anonymous source told Grazia, who first reported news of the filing, that “$CHOOL KIlls will be an accessories range covering everything from tote bags to purses, and later on, fashion.”

While we’re pleased to hear Rihanna may be getting back into the design game — she dipped her toes in via a collaboration with River Island from 2011 to 2013 — this is a little fishy. Although School Kills is not the name of Seo’s brand, the phrase, emblazoned on t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets, has become associated with her, perhaps more than anything else she’s designed thus far. And when you’re a young brand with limited resources, that kind of organic recognizability and buzz is crucial. Were Rihanna, who is obviously much more famous than Seo, to claim that as her own, well… that would be sad.

And it would be particularly unfortunate for Seo, who was also maybe ripped off by designer Phillip Plein recently. Let’s just hope Seo and Rihanna are working together.

We reached out to Seo for comment but have not yet heard back.